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By qualifying for a private party or person to person auto loan, you could be able to buy a used car owned by your friend, relative, neighbor, acquaintance or someone registered on Craigslist even if you have bad credit history. The rates of interests offered for financing such privately owned cars could be competitive and loan repayment terms flexible. Besides, with private party auto loans, you have the opportunity to secure an affordable deal on your used car as you can always negotiate its price based on its condition.

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The 3 Simple And Easy Steps To Your Most Affordable Private Party Car Loans

If you have determined whether buying a used car from a private party is the correct alternative for your specific financial situation, then you may proceed to find the vehicle which may fit your requirements best. However, it is essential that you knew the stepwise process to get a private car loan approved.

At, our simple 3-step procedure has helped hundreds of borrowers in obtaining quick auto loan approvals for financing private parties owned used cars. Here is some valuable information pertaining to the same.

  1. Plan a budget
  2. First find out how much you can afford to spend on your vehicle. While determining budget, you need to make sure that the below mentioned factors are being considered.
    • Price of the used car
    • State taxes if applicable
    • License and title charges
    • Fees for registration of car
    • Cost of insuring the vehicle
    • Approximate fuel expenses
    • Maintenance and repair costs
  3. Find the right lender
  4. For finding the best lender for your situation, get numerous free quotes from different loan dealers and compare them in detail. Match the interest rates and terms with the quote which we provide. You will surely find it the most affordable one.
  5. Apply and get approved
  6. Benefit with our fast and hassle free online application process. Apply online and get approved within few minutes.

Know How Exactly Our Private Party Auto Loans For Bad Credit Process Works

Once you fill and submit a quick online person to person auto loans request, you could expect to receive a call from one of our advisors in your local area the very next day. The advisor is a specialist and may help to match your specific financial needs to suitable lenders within our national lending network. Our prompt services will ensure quicker responses and consequently, you may expect to get an approval for your application in few minutes of your having submitted an application. In most cases, auto loan funds get transferred into applicant’s checking account in as less as 48 hours.

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Determine Eligibility To Qualify For A Used Car Loan Private Party Online Now

To qualify for a low rate private car finance loan with a bad credit history, you need to make sure that you satisfy the following parameters as lenders would be verifying these.

  • Stable and steady source of employment that is verifiable
  • Regular and enough monthly income to pay auto loan installments
  • Ability to pay a large down payment or get a cosigner to cosign the loan
  • Tax, Tag and Title of the vehicle which is being purchased has to be clear

Few Important Things To Consider Before Applying For Private Seller Auto Loans

  • Check the used car price

By finding the current market value of the vehicle, you will be in a much better position to negotiate its price with its current owner. Even lenders will demand such information in their application forms.

  • Run a vehicle history check

Do not expect private party car sellers to provide you all correct details about their vehicles’ histories. To that effect, you may have to run a history check of the vehicle which you are proposing to buy. Such a move might even help you to find out if there are any hidden problems in the used car that are likely to incur additional costs in near future.

  • Get a completed Bill Of Sale

The Department Of Motor Vehicles provides documents pertaining to Bill Of Sale. These primarily relate to transfer of ownership of the used car which you are trying to purchase. By completing a Bill Of Sale, a borrower may protect himself if car title is unavailable.

  • Obtain a car loan preapproval

To secure affordable monthly payments that fit your budget, it could be advisable to get the used auto loan preapproved.